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Welcome to FR&R Tuning Ireland

FR&RTuning is a UK, performance and tuning company, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we provide ECU remapping to both private and commercial sectors, also providing a vast range of quality aftermarket performance products.  We have rapidly become one of the UKs leading, ECU remapping companies, thus leading us into our franchise arrangement in Ireland.

In the past couple of years, due to the recession we have become involved increasingly in the commercial sector where our expertise in modifying vehicles, HGV and LGV for fuel economy has become highly popular with fuel savings up to 20% through our remapping service. We now, can offer our service in Ireland through our Irish franchise holder, William Moran, FR&RTuning Ireland, based in Waterford city.

What is remapping?
Remapping is the modifying of the engine control unit, ECU, which contains a software package which controls the operation of the modern vehicle engine; it is a proven fact that it can be fine tuned to give a higher degree of performance or economy.

Why is remapping possible?
Remapping of a vehicles ECU is possible for many reasons:

  • Vehicles are produced with a one fits all solution, to reduce costs by the manufacturer
  • They are produced in the case where the vehicles destination market may have poor fuel quality, poor air quality, and poor maintenance. So the ECU is very “loosely” programmed
  • The vehicles carrying capacity may not be adhered to.
  • Driving skills may not be as good as other countries,
  • Steep terrain, high altitude terrain
  • Emission levels

The list is endless, we at FR&RTuning, modify or fine tune the software to give the optimum performance for your vehicle.  When it comes to performance we simply do as the manufacturer does, E.g. a Volkswagen Passat 1.9tdi,is produced in a different range of bhp,90,101,115bhp and so on, there is no difference in the engine, the only difference is the mapping applied to the ecu.

For every part of a vehicle there is an aftermarket modified part, more expensive than the standard part but obviously gives a higher degree of performance that it why it is possible to also modify the ECU software.

The ECU operation is based on maps, pre-determined values written on to the software, stored on re-programmable chips or micro processors, sensors around the engine, provide information, e.g. engine temperature sensor, coolant sensor, throttle  position sensor, rev sensor, load sensor, fuel pressure sensor, boost pressure, fuel /air mix, lambda sensor, which in turn are processed and provide the correct fuel air mix in milli seconds, constantly adjusting ,again we fine tune these maps for optimum performance or economy of your vehicle.

Equipment and method
FR&RTuning use Dimsport srl hardware and software. Dimsport, an Italian based company are the leading manufacturer of tuning hardware and software packages with a full, on-call, technical support team, for its customers

Using dimsport genius touch and map, hand-held, we access the vehicles ECU through your vehicles on board diagnostic port, (OBD2), so named OBD2 since 2004, where all vehicles must be compliant for vehicle diagnosis, due to emission levels and to iron out “bugs” in new production models in the after sales servicing area, new information and settings can be downloaded, in this way.  The vehicles ECU is identified, then it is read and saved, the saved program, is downloaded to our software(race 2000) by Dimsport, the files are sent by ftp to us in the UK, where modifications take place, each vehicle is individual to us ,this why we are also a custom remapping service, files are then returned in the same fashion, files are then downloaded to the hand held genius and your new files are written to the ECU of your vehicle, your original files are kept on our server in the UK, for future reference. The process takes about 1 hour to complete. The vehicle can then be driven and the effects are felt immediately.

Type of remapping

  • Economy
  • Balance
  • Performance

Economy remapping
Economy remapping can save in proven trials anywhere from 15-20% on your fuel bills, while still increasing the torque values by 10% for private and LGV and 10-15% for HGV, much better drivability and smoother acceleration.
Balance remapping
Balance remapping can save up to 10% on fuel bills, increasing bhp by 10 and increasing torque by 20%, trucks by 45 bhp with 20% torque.
Performance remapping
Performance remapping will not use more than 2-3% of current fuel usage under heavy strain, increase torque by 30% and increase bhp by 35, 95 bhp for trucks .

The choice is yours

We find in this market, that economy remapping is a no-sell, a maximum of 20% saving is a huge saving to individual, group or fleet operators

  • Software guarantee We guarantee all our software for your vehicles operating lifetime, we guarantee the safe working practice of our technician in Ireland, remapping, does not interfere with the running, life, reliability or emissions of an engine, we basically, fine tune an engine to optimum performance.


Ireland franchise
Our franchise holder in Ireland is William Moran, aged 39, living in Waterford city ,William has many years being involved in the car performance scene a Volkswagen enthusiast, also the mechanical and selling end of vehicles and he is a former trans-continental HGV driver, is also computer literate, William has been trained by us in the UK, in all operating features of our equipment and highly knowledgeable of this business and has proved that for us in Ireland, he will be running our business at this years GTI international in the UK, which is the biggest car show in Europe, he will also be in attendance at the car show, Irelands biggest VW car enthusiast show in Ireland, August 10, also exhibiting at the top gear live show, R.D.S. Dublin in September of this year. He has also had his work included in Modified Motors magazine in the march 10 issue, he gives fully to this business and is very capable in all aspects of this venture into Ireland, which in a sense is an Irish business.

Vehicles can be remapped at your place of business, Waterford, or at our hgv base in Enniscorthy, co.Wexford,

For any further enquiries:

William Moran
FR&RTuning Ireland
0857747272 / 0879588918

Main office, UK
Unit 2 Whitehead St
383-385 Leeds Rd
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We can accommodate individual, group or fleet

Making your company more profitable is what we do!