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Auto Electrics


Dealer Level and above Diagnostics and Programming

The Autologic Solution enables us to work to the highest level and confidently specialise without the need for dealer intervention. With Autologic diagnostic solution we are able to provide customers with unparalleled service, fixing faults that would normally require dealer intervention.

ECU/TCU/DSG Flash Programming/ Replacements

Keep your vehicle's control module update. Just like with all electrcial devices, manufacturers release firmware updates to improve how a device works. Same with the electrical modules that control car componets like Engine (Engine Control Unit), TCU (Transmission Control Unit) will need updating at some point. Benefits can include fixing running issues, suck as misfires, flat spots, hesitations, hot start problems, DPF probelms, Injector problems, and even slight performance enhances and MPG optimisation.

Also we can offer ECU replacments should you have a failed ECU.

List of Modules supported for factory firmware/software updates:
- Engine Control module (ECU)
- Transmission Control Unit (TCU)
- Quattro Haldex Module
- Dash Panel Insert/ Clocks
- Central Electrics Module
- Convenience Module
- Additional and Auxillary Heating Module
- Diagnostic interface for Data-Bus

Turbo/ Actuator Setting/Calibrating

Newer VAG TDI Common Rail engines use a turbo controlled by a electronic actuator. Afetr replacing the actuator or turbo the actuator will need to be calibrated in place. Failing to do so will result in limp mode with the following error codes:

19804/P3348/013128 - Control Circuit for Controller for Turbocharger 1 (J724): Electrical Malfunction

Speak to one our of technicians to avoid yourself the 3 hours labour dealers charge for this service.

Audi VW 2.7TDI 3.0TDI Intake Manifold Runner and Intake Runer Manifold Control Fault codes

Common fualts on Audi A4, A6, A8, Allroad, Q7 2.7TDi 3.0TDI Engines. Even when the mechanical parts are replaced there are instances where the fault codes and orange engine warning light remains. We offer removal of these fault codes from the ECU. Fault codes are usually:

012597 - Intake Manifold Runner Control - P3135 - 001 - Lower Stop not Reached.

004120 - Intake Manifold Runner (Bank 2) - P1018 - 001 - Lower limit not reached.

Key Programming

Replacments key coding not a problem, Including both Transponder and Remote key.

Instrument Clock Replacments

Broken Instrucmemt clock? We can offer to replace these either with new or used clocks and programme the immobiler system to get Your car up and running. We DOT however offer mileage correction.

ABS Replacements

New ABS units require coding in when they fail. We can code these in.


Want to add a new feature to your car that didnt come from the factory? We can offer installation and programming/coding of the following:

- Cruise Control
- RNS Sat Nav systems
- DVD in motion, TV in motion (Allows your passenger to watch TV/DVD while driving)
- Bluetooth Activation
- Flat Bottom Steering Wheels with Multifunction Controls
- Xenon and Bi-Xeneon Lights
- Rear LED Light Cpnversions
- Installation of Latest 2014 Sat Nav Maps, VW, Seat, Skoda RNS510 Units
- Firmware Upgrade for RNS510 VW units
- Calibration if factory Air suspension
- Trailer Function Activation
- Telephone prep Activation